IT Services

IT Infrastructure solutions, IT Business monitoring, Network security Solutions, Servers administration, Programming

Servers administration

By using our services, you no longer have to take care of your server and its state. Security, software updates, server load management, high availability of the system and other aspects will take care of by us. Servers and critical systems, will be supervised by professionals, will operate smoothly and steadily on various platforms (Linux, Microsoft, VMware, FreeBSD, Xen, etc.). You no longer need a full-time systems administrator. We will take care of your business systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - work without leave. We will tailor our highly customizable system to suit your every need. Please call or email us to discuss.

IT Management

We perform all aspects of IT maintenance - computers, servers, printers, and other network equipment selection, installation, working condition assurance, repair, replacement of equipment.
Windows / Unix server administration - Server deployment, ongoing monitoring and ensuring the steady operation.
Computer Maintenance - Computer and other equipment maintenance and repair.
24x7 Support - Support. Consultancy - Advising clients on the acquisition of equipment and services, licensing, security and other IT issues.

IT infrastructure solutions

The implementation of all the company's IT department goals and objectives - from IT infrastructure creation to the IT policy preparation.We help to choose the necessary equipment and services; represent the company during the negotiations with other IT products / service providers are creating IT processes and regulations, carry all the hardware and software implementation work. Supported hardware and software solutions ensure a smooth experience for your business and help to save costs (less downtime, process duplication, accelerating tasks, timely reports, etc.).

Safety and Recovery

Using cutting-edge solutions that assure the safety of the computer network and data security both from external and from internal threats and incidents. Network and job protection from external intrusion, consumer data access control, data movement control (playback, copying, printing, sending e-mail, etc.), workstations monitoring, data backup and recovery. Monitoring of network traffic in real-time and instantaneous response to emerging threats, and if necessary, access blocking attacks even before it starts. Prepare cases of critical IT management solutions - identify the most important part of the IT infrastructure (servers, network equipment and so on.), Short time limits within which the system must be restored to working condition, choosing the appropriate hardware and software measures. Emergency management by periodically running stress tests.

IT Security Solutions

We do not use any expensive or unreliable hardware or software type of equipment, software designed to "repel attacks" (including the quotes). We use proven open source projects designed to deal with an extremely random DoS attacks, various worms, viruses and others. Our installed "Intrusion Detection And Prevention System" can cope with various types of virus attacks and massive influxes of varying size and large-scale networks and to counter any attacks on them.

Programming services

We implement a variety of large and small software projects. We can create for your company a web / desktop or mobile application, monitor various company resources performing various tasks, and so on. We implement the entire software development process, from the idea of development made to the software package for ordinary consumers. We work with the following technologies: Microsoft NET Framework, C# .NET and Mono codebase Xamarin and MS Visual Studio projects, Multiplatform Support.


Our mission is to save your time and money, by helping you select best possible hardware and software combination that save time on mundane tasks so you can concentrate on what is really important!

Our Team

The team consists of professionals from various IT fields so we have all round knowledge in nearly every aspect of IT process be it hardware or software. That lets us ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructure in Lithuania and other Countries. Our goal is that our customers receive excellent service - they feel cared for and listened to receive clear, understandable and timely answers to questions and concerns.


Our view of our services is like in partnership - we invest our time and money to become familiar with the client's needs and workflow so we know what to offer to minimise costs and provide great ROI. Our goal is to create long lasting partnerships with our clients and help them grow and achieve their goals.


We collaborate with various Lithuanian and foreign information technology and telecommunications companies, so we can offer favourable prices for the purchase of equipment and services.


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